Regents Earth Science
John Dewey High School
Mr. Klimetz

Selected Properties of Earth's Atmosphere
Reading the Earth Science Reference Tables XIX

Answer the following questions based on your interpretation of the Selected Properties of Earth's Atmosphere chart of the Reference Tables (page 14) as well as your class notes.

1.   Which are the four principal layers of the atmosphere shown in correct order
upward from Earth’s surface?
a.  Thermosphere-Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere
b.  Troposphere-Stratosphere-Mesosphere-Thermosphere
c   Troposphere-Stratosphere-Thermosphere-Mesosphere
d.  Thermosphere-Stratosphere-Mesosphere-Troposphere

2.   Which is the observed temperature range of the troposphere?
a.   -55degC to 0degC
b.   -90degC to 0degC
c.   -55degC to 15degC
d.   -90degC to 15degC

3.   The name of the boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere is
a.   Stratopause
b.   Mesopause
c.   Tropopause
d.   Sea level

4.   The approximate altitude of the mesopause (in kilometers) is
a.   52
b.   50
c.   5
d.   82

5.   I am the only atmospheric layer which contains water vapor. My name is
a.   Tropopause
b.   Stratosphere
c.   Sea level
d.   Troposphere

6.   Which of the following statements is false?
a.   As altitude increases, atmospheric pressure decreases
b.   As altitude increases, water vapor concentration decreases
c.   At an altitude of 75 miles, atmospheric temperature exceeds the boiling point
of water
d.   A closed container of water in the stratosphere will always be in the liquid

7.   An air pressure of 1.0 atm is observed in the
a.   Troposphere
b.   Stratosphere
c.   Mesosphere
d.   Thermosphere

8.   The approximate thickness, in kilometers, of the mesosphere is
a    25
b.   23
c.   32
d.   50

9.   The lowest observed atmospheric temperature occurs
a.   at the Tropopause
b.   in the Stratosphere
c.   in the Mesosphere
d.   at the Mesopause

10. Which are the correct temperature, pressure, and water vapor concentration values
at sea level?
a.   15degC-1atm-40g/mexp3
b.   -55degC-1atm-40g/mexp3
c.   15degC-1atm-0g/mexp3
d.   -55degC-0.1atm-0g/mexp3