Keys to Mastery

Science Department
John Dewey High School
Mr. Klimetz

Required Course Materials

q  Class Notebook
q  Graph Paper
q  Pens (Blue and Black Ink)
q  Pencils (Standard and Colored)
q  Scientific Calculator
q  Metric Ruler
q  Protractor
q  Pencil Compass (Non-Metallic)
q  Reference Tables
q  Textbook

Course Requirements

1.   Complete all your assigned homework neatly and thoroughly. Submit each assignment on the announced due date.

2.   Arrive to every lecture and laboratory class on time.

3.   Come prepared for class every day. Be organized with your class materials. You are required to maintain a class notebook, a handout folder, a laboratory folder, and other materials as announced. You will be provided with a copy of the class textbook, the security of which will be your personal responsibility.

4.   Submit all your laboratory reports complete and on the announced due date. If even a single lab report remains outstanding by the end of the cycle, you will receive a failing course grade.

5.   If for any reason you are absent, obtain a copy of missed notes from a classmate. You are also expected to submit a note of explanation for your absence signed by a parent, guardian, physician, or school faculty member.

6.   Cutting of classes will not be tolerated for any reason. If you cut a class during which either a test or a lab activity was administered, you will not be allowed to make-up either activity.

7.   The final grade scheme is as follows: Homework = 20%, Quizzes = 20%, Labs = 20% and Final Exam = 40%.

8.  A complete and comprehensive list of all required laboratory and homework assignments as well as additional study resources can be obtained by accessing my website at the following URL address:

9.   Read over your notes daily.

10.  If you have any questions concerning any aspect of the course, I am usually available before the beginning as well as after the end of the school day in our classroom (Room 353). No appointment is necessary! It is my honor to work with you.