Cycle III AP Physics
John  Dewey High School
Mr. Klimetz
Mid-Winter Recess
Holiday Homework
Due Date: Monday March 3
A 5.0-cm-thick transparent sheet has been manufactured as a composite of 5 different transparent material layers of equal thickness. The material layers are numbered 1 through 5 from top to bottom and possess the following optical characteristics:
Material Number
Refractive Index (n)
Coherent (constant wavelength and frequency) light beams are directed towards the composite sheet from a laser. Given that the index of refraction of air is 1.00,
1.    Construct a schematic profile illustrating the layering of the
          composite sheet.
2.    Construct ray-path diagrams illustrating the expected parthway of
          the coherent light beam when directed at the following angles
          to the normal to the surface of layer 1:
10 degrees
20 degrees
30 degrees
45 degrees
60 degrees
3.    Based on your ray-path diagram and your knowledge of refraction,
          at which of the given angular orientations should we observe
a.  total internal reflection,
b.  total refraction with the light ray exiting through the side of the
       composite, and
c.  total refraction with the light ray exiting through the bottom of
       layer 5 and back into air.