Laboratory Schedule
Cycle III AP Physics B
John Dewey High School
Mr. Klimetz
Lab No. 6:   Diffraction of Water Waves
Lab No. 3:   Adiabatic Systems
Lab No. 1:   The Length of a Molecule
Lab No. 2:   The Gas Laws
Lab No. 4:   Wavelength and the Speed of Sound in Air
Lab No. 5:   The Doppler Shift of Sound
Lab No. 7:   Coulomb's Law, the Millikan Apparatus, and the Elementary Unit of Charge
Lab No. 8:   Gauss' Law and Electric Field Intensity
Lab No. 10:  Kirchoff's Laws and the Physics of DC Circuits: Series, Parallel, and Combination Circuits
Lab No. 9:   Resistivity of Common Conducting Materials
Lab No. 11:  Ohm's Law: The Relationship Between Current, Potential Difference, and Resistance