Advanced Placement Physics 1
John Dewey High School

Course: SPS21X     Mr. Klimetz
Fall Semester         Science Department
Periods 6-7 & 7-8  September 9, 2015

Required Course Materials:

Scientific Calculator
Graph paper
Pencils [Regular and Colored]
Protractor and Pencil Compass
Tables of Information and Equations for AP Physics 1
Textbook and AP Physics 1 Exam Review Book

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Return This Portion With Signatures Below by Monday, September 14

Student Expectations

AP Physics 1John Dewey High School
Mr. Klimetz      Fall Semester

1. Complete your homework assignments neatly and thoroughly. Each assignment must be hand-written.
Write-out all questions and show all work.
2. Arrive to each and every lecture and laboratory class on time. You must sign the late log located near the door to the classroom if you arrive after the late bell.
3. Come prepared for class and be organized. You are required to keep a class notebook. Anything placed on the blackboard is worthy of putting in your notebook.
4. Hand in all laboratory reports, complete and on the due date. Laboratory reports may be either hand-written or prepared on a word processor.
5. If for any reason you are absent, you must obtain a copy of the class notes from a class mate and you must show me a signed letter from home verifying your absence.
6. Cutting will not be tolerated. If you cut a class on either a laboratory or a quiz day, you will not be granted a make-up.
7. Grading scheme: Final Exam = 40%, Labs = 20%, HW = 20%, Quizzes 20%.
8. All homework and laboratory assignments are obtainable from our class website:

9. This semester we will study: Systems and Units of Measurements, The Mathematics of AP Physics, Dimensional Analysis Vectors and Vector Mathematics, Weight and Mass, Motion in a Straight Line: Constant Rate, ULAM and Free-Fall, Motion in a Plane: Projectile, Circular, Planetary and Pendulum Motion; Newton's Laws of Motion: Force, Inertia, Momentum and Impulse, Free-Body Diagrams, Friction, Equilibrium, Statics, Dynamics, Work and Power, The Work-Energy Principle, Gravitational Potential Energy, Hooke's Law and Elastic Potential Energy, and Kinetic Energy.
10. There is a zero tolerance policy concerning practices of cheating. Such practices include copying of homework assignments and lab reports, as well as any communication, either written or verbal, during quizzes and examinations. Any and all instances of academic impropriety will be punished to the fullest.

Contract Agreement

I understand these expectations and will do my best to adhere to them.

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