Regents Physics

John Dewey High School
Science Department
Computer Science Institute/Academy of Finance/Arts/Theater House

Letter of Welcome

I am pleased your child has been selected as a student in my Regents Physics class for the 2015-2016

academic year. Physics is a challenging course of study which seeks to establish the laws governing the

behavior of the Universe in order to establish relationships between all observable, naturally-occurring

phenomena. It is considered by many to be the most rigorous course of study in the New York State

Regents course program. The study of Regents Physics requires each student to posses prior competence

in Algebra and Geometry. Additionally, the successful Regents Physics student should have prerequisitely

and satisfactorily completed Living Environment [and preferably Regents Earth Science and/or Chemistry],

and possess disciplined study and work habits. All students will be expected to sit for the Regents

Physics examination in June. Additionally, all students will be expected to access the course website for

homework assignments, laboratory worksheets, important course notices and other course resources:

I look forward to working with your child throughout the year. It is my solemn promise to do whatever I

can to help your child learn all that he or she can.


      Michael P. Klimetz