Problems in Dynamics
Answer all the questions below in the spaces provided and in proper problem-solving format.

1. A 5.00 kg mass with an initial velocity of 64.8 m/s NE experiences an applied force of 125 N directed to the SW. Neglecting frictional concerns, calculate the time required to bring the mass to a complete stop.

2. An applied force of 324 N brings a mass from rest to 44.1 m/s in 3.00 s. Calculate (A) the mass of the object and (B) the distance over which the mass was accelerated. (Neglect friction.)

3. A force of 98.7 N is directed to the south against an object initially at rest. A concurrent force of 23.2 N is directed to the north against the same object. The object achieves a velocity of 203 m/s in exactly 26.7 s. Calculate (A) the mass of the object and (B) the net displacement of the object.


1.2.59 s
2.(A) 22.0 kg     (B)  66.2 m
3.(A) 9.93 kg     (B)  2,710 m South