Cycle III Geology
John Dewey High School
Mr. Klimetz
Thinking Like a Geologist
Part II
Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper or in the spaces provided. These questions are designed to enhance your ability to think like a geologist and not to test your specific knowledge of geology. Read each question carefully and thoroughly. Be patient and think logically. Submit this sheet along with any additional sheets at the end of the band.
1.     The following is a list of steps that a baker performs when he or she is preparing and serving a two-layer birthday cake:

(A)  Spreading icing.
(B)  Writing message.
(C)  Placing cake layer.
(D)  Cutting cake.
(E)  Placing filling layer.

Which of the following best represents the most likely sequence of steps the baker must follow from first to last?
a.  C-A-E-A-B-D
b.  C-E-C-B-A-D
c.  C-E-C-A-B-D
d.  D-B-A-C-E-C

2.     Which of the following would be the oldest part of a house?
a.  walls
b.  windows
c.  foundation
d.  roof

3.     You leave home at exactly 7:00 am and arrive at school at precisely 7:30 am. The distance from your home to school is exactly 10 km.  Your average rate of speed as you travel to school is
a.  3.33 km/hr
b.  30 km/hr
c.  10 km/hr
d.  20 km/hr

4.     You have been traveling at a steady speed of 40 km/hr since you left home. You have traveled a total of 180 km when you note that your watch reads exactly 11:56 pm. Which of the following was the reading on your watch when you left home?
a.  7:56 am
b.  7:26 pm
c.  3:26 am
d.  3:26 pm