Laboratory Schedule
Cycle I AP Physics B
John Dewey High School
Mr. Klimetz
Lab No. 2:  The Graphical and Vector Component Methods of Vector Addition
Lab No. 8:  Newton's Laws and the Construction and Interpretation of Free-Body Diagrams
Lab No. 4:  Uniform Linear Accelerated Motion: Practical and Mathematical Aspects
Lab No. 3:  Systems of Forces in Equilibrium: Finding the Equilibrant
Lab No. 7:  Hooke's Law and the Elasticity of Helical Springs
Lab No. 9:  Forces of Friction
Lab No. 1:  Tools and Methods of Measurement
Lab No. 5:  Centripetal Force and the Physics of Circular Motion
Lab No. 6:  Gravitation, Planetary Motion, and Calculating the Kepler Constant
Lab No. 10: Conservation of Momentum
Lab No. 11: Work, Energy, and Power