Laboratory Schedule
Cycle IV AP Physics B
John Dewey High School
Mr. Klimetz
Lab No. 1:   Capacitance Across Charged Parallel Plates
Lab No. 2:   Magnetism and Magnetic Fields
Lab No. 3:   Faraday's Law and Magnetic Flux
Lab No. 4:   Lenz's Law and Induced Electromotive Force
Lab No. 5:   Polarization of Light and the Dual Transverse Nature of Electromagnetic Waves
Lab No. 6:   Law of Reflection
Lab No. 7:   Snell's Law and the Index of Refraction
Lab No. 8:   The Lens Equation and the Optical Bench
Lab No. 9:   The Photoelectric Effect and Planck's Constant
Lab No. 10:  Radioactive Decay and Its Measurement
Lab No. 11:  The Decay Constant and the Calculation of Half-Life