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Regents Exam Prep Center: Oswego CSD: Physics
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Regents-Specific Sites: Physics
AP Physics: University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Regents Prep Earth Science
AP Physics: Boston University: First Semester Physics Notes

Regents-Specific Sites: Earth Science
Mr. Nap's Earth Science Page
117 Ways to Pass the Earth Science Regents
Dolores Gende's AP Physics B Web Pages
Science is Fun Home Experiments
Mineral Identification and Classification
Rock Classification and Interpretation
Rocks of the ESRT
Significant Figures and Order of Magnitude
Projectile, Pendulum, Planetary, and Circular Motion
Problems in Mechanical Kinetic and Gravitational
Potential Energy
Force, Momentum, Impulse, Gravitation, Work, and Power
Graphing and Interpretation of One-Dimensional Kinematic Relationships

Electric Circuits and Circuit Schematic Diagrams: Construction and Interpretation
Elementary Trigonometry: The Mathematics of Triangles

Vector versus Scalar Quantitites 

Tools and Methods of Measurement
Geometric Features and Mathematical Relationships of Right and Non-Right Triangles
Density of Matter
The Average Speed of a John Dewey High School Student
Hooke's Law and Its Application to Springs
Finding the Equilibrant
Projectile Motion: Facts and Problem-Solving Steps
Centripetal Force
Forces of Friction: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Conservation of Momentum
Work and Power
The Physics of Newton's Cradle
Pendulum Motion and the Measurement of Local Gravitational Acceleration
Uniform Linear Accelerated Motion: The Kinematics
of an Inclined Trackway 
Gravitation, Planetary Motion, and Calculating The Kepler Constant of Any System of Orbiting Bodies (Natural and Artificial)

College Board AP Web Pages
AP Physics 1 Tables of Information and Equations
The Sub-Atomic Particle Zoo
General Relativity
Special Relativity
Maptech's MyTopo Historical Topographic Maps 
NYC Weather Forecast by Intellicast
Prof. Richard A. Muller's UC-Berkeley/LBL Physics Page
crashwhite's Physics
Related Links
Problem Worksheets
Physics: Laboratory Worksheets and Tutorials
School Websites
Useful and Informative Links
NYS Education Department: OSA [High School]
Reference Tables: Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science
AP Physics: Boston University: Second Semester Physics Notes
Usenet Physics: Frequently Asked Questions
USGS EarthExplorer (Maps/Aerial Photos)
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Problems in Dynamics
Analysis of Projectile Motion
Exploring the Relationship Between Weight, Universal Gravitation, and Centripetal Force
The Vector Component Method of Vector Addition
Projectile and Relative Motion Problems
JDHS Regents Physics Page
Statics I Problems
Uniform Linear Accelerated Motion Problems
Work-Energy-Power Problems
Rotational Kinematics Problems
Cutnell and Johnson Physics 6th Edition
Student Companion Website
Momentum and Collision Problems
JDHS AP Physics Page
Statics II Problems
AP Physics: Torque and Its Calculation
Symmetry in Common Objects
Conceptual Rotational Dynamics Problem
Elastic Deformation Problems
Polymer Classification and Identification
AP Physics: Archimedes Principle: Conceptual
Newton's Laws of Motion and Free-Body Diagrams
Hydrocarbon Nomenclature and Models
JDHS Materials Science Page
JDHS Geology Page
The Benzene Ring and Bond Types
Thermal Energy Problems I
Thermal Energy Problems II
Electrostatics Problems I

Express Links to My Course Pages
NYS Education Department OSA: Regents Examinations
Reference Tables and Equation Sheets: All Subjects
Ken Gould's RegentsEarth
Physics Class Textbook Links
Regents Physics:
Materials Science:
AP Physics:
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Vector Analysis: The Graphical Method of Vector Addition

Statics: The System of Forces in a Boom Crane
The Egalitarian Nature of Gravitational Potential and Mechanical Kinetic Energy: Calculating the Speed of a Pendulum
AP Physics: Georgia State University: HyperPhysics
Minerals of the ESRT
Interpreting Rock Environments
Interpreting Tilted, Faulted and Folded Strata
Concepts of Stress and Strain
Analysis of Deformed Rocks
Interpreting Geologic History: Stratigraphy
Basic Principles and Quantification of Earthquakes
Electric Fields
Magnetism and Magnetic Fields
Bennington's Geology of NYS (Hofstra University)
Saul Krotki's Mineral Species Photomicrography
The Law of Reflection
Index of Refraction: Snell's Law and the Refraction of Light
Earth Science: Laboratory Worksheets, Tutorials, and Images
Landfill, Stratigraphy and Geologic Time: A Practical Application of the Principles of Stratigraphy
to Forensic Geology
Graphical Display and Interpretation of Ground-Based NYS Weather Data
St. Andrews University (Scotland): Mathematical 
Physics Index
Charles Merguerian's "A Geologic Transect from NYC to NJ" (Duke Labs/Hofstra University)
NY Mineralogical Club - NYC Mineral Specimens (Duke Labs/Hofstra University)
Duke Labs' "On the Rocks" Regional Field Trips
NYS GIS Clearinghouse - Imagery Page
NYS/USGS Digital Raster Quadrangles
Geology of the NYC Region by USGS
AP Physics: Newtons Law of Cooling
AP Physics: Thermal Properties of Water
Click Here for GRAPH PAPER, RULERS and PROTRACTORS Compliments of Dr. Norman Herr, PhD Systems and Units of Measurement
Catharine H. Colwell's Online Physics Lab
Bing Maps (Maps, Aerial Photos, Satellite Imagery and Three-Dimensional Views)
FAQ High School Physics
Quantum and Particle Physics
Centre for Quantum Computation
Visual Quantum Mechanics (Kansas State University)
Eric Weissenstein's ScienceWorld (Wolfram Research)
Virtual Museums
Virtual Geology Museum Gallery A: Minerals A to K
Virtual Geology Museum Gallery B: Minerals L to Z
Virtual Geology Museum Gallery C: Rocks 
Virtual Paleontology Museum: Fossils
Gallery I
NYS Minerals Galleries
Minerals of the ESRT: Photo Identification
Rocks of the ESRT: Photo Identification
Mr. Robison's Regents Earth Science Website
Percent Deviation: A Technique for Evaluating
Experimental Error
Earth Science 
Class Textbook Links
McDougal-Littell: Earth Zone Web Resources
The Physics Classroom
Maps and Imagery
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Environmental Navigator
Dr. Jack Edelman's "Crazy Science" Website
Field Trips and Collecting Sites
New York
New Jersey
US and Canadian Fossil Collecting Sites
The New York State Academy of Mineralogy
Duke Labs' "On the Rocks" Regional Field Trips
Minerals of the ESRT: Photo Identification
Rocks of the ESRT: Photo Identification
AP Physics: MIT Courseware
PhET: Physics Simulations
Online Textbooks
Benjamin Crowell's AP Physics 1 and 2 Text: Light and Matter
Christoph Schiller's Motion Mountain
dctech's Online Physics Textbook
Kare Kullerud's Webgeology
Prof. Jeffrey W. Schnick's Calculus Based Physics
Bo Thide's Electromagnetic Field Theory
Topographic Contour Map Construction: Submerged Volcano Model Imagery
UNC's Atlas of Rocks, Minerals, and Textures
Geologic Maps and Databases
New York
Connecticut: General Bedrock
New Jersey
Virtual Fossil Museum
Mines and Mine Exploration - Abandoned Mines of NY-NJ-PA
Periodic Table of Videos
Gallery II
The Great Unconformity Interpretive Site
Frenchman Mountain, East Las Vegas, Nevada
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada
Passaic Formation and Copper Prospect, Lyndhurst, NJ
FEMA Map Center (Flood Risk Maps and Imagery)
Gallery III
NYS Education Department Sites: 
101 Regents Physics Facts
St. Mary's High School: Physics Online
AAPT: The Physics Front
Simulators and Virtual Labs
B. Surendranath's General Physics Applets
Fluorescent Minerals Galleries
Thin Sections Gallery
Sixty Symbols
Mathematics Sites
Brightstorm: Video Lectures and Homework Help
Wolfram MathWorld
AlgebraHelp: Calculators, Lessons and Worksheets
AAA Math: Geometry Lessons
On-Line Journals and Books
The Physics Teacher
The Concord Consortium's Molecular Workbench
Walter Fendt's Apps on Physics
Science Video Sites
Cassiopeia Project
Professional Development and Teaching Resource Websites
SERC's On the Cutting Edge - Professional Development
for Geoscience Faculty:
Assessment of Learning
Course Design
Teaching with Data, Simulations and Models
Online Teaching
Teaching with GIS
Urban Students and Urban Issues
Using Online Games and Environments

Web Design

Climate Change

Complex Systems

Deep Earth

Discoveries from Mars

Early Earth



Geology and Human Health



Hurricanes and Climate Change



Ocean Systems



Public Policy

Rates and Time

Sedimentary Geology

Structural Geology
SERC Geoscience Resources
MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for
Learning and Online Teaching
RESGI - Resources for Earth Sciences and 
Geography Instruction
California State University - Northridge: Resources for Teaching Physics
Illinois State University - Department of Physics: Physics Teaching Resources
American Association of Physics Teachers:
Teaching Resources
University of Maryland: Physics Education Research Group
Institute of Physics (IOP): Education
Rutgers University: Physics Teaching Technology Resource
PhysicsWorld: Teaching Resources
Gallery IV
The Biodiversity Heritage Library
Geologic Maps of US States
Long Island Geologists (SUNY at Stony Brook)
Radioactive Minerals Galleries
Chemistry Resources
A Visual Interpretation of the Table of Elements
The Royal Society of Chemistry
The Photographic Periodic Table of the Elements List of Radioactive Elements
Gallery V
Dan Fullerton's
Equation Derivations
Uniform Linear Accelerated Motion
Two-Body Head-On Elastic Collision
Centripetal Acceleration
Projectile Motion: Range
Projectile Motion: Altitude
Work-Energy Principle
SHM: Circular Motion Period
SHM: Pendulum Motion Period
SHM: Mass-Oscillator Motion Period
AGI's Earth Science World Image Bank
University of Rhode Island Professor of Physics Gerhard Mueller's Lecture Slide Compendium 
Mr. P. Jamal's Eduscitech Website
Gallery VI
Gallery VII
British Geological Survey's OpenGeoscience
International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)
Connecticut: All Quadrangles Bedrock
Hofstra University Professor Charles Merguerian's Home Page
Wikimapia (Maps/Aerial Photos/Geographic Data)
Sterling Hill Mining Museum [Ogdensburg, NJ]
Glencoe: Physics Principles and Problems (2009)
Gallery VIII
The Concept of Net Force and Free-Body Diagrams
Equivalent Capacitance: Parallel Circuits
Equivalent Capacitance: Series Circuits
Equivalent Resistance: Series Circuits
Equivalent Resistance: Parallel Circuits
Static Electricity and Electrostatic Theory
Particle Adventure
Benjamin Crowell's Lectures on Physics
The Virtual Institute of Applied Science
The Virtual Institute of Applied Science
NYS Education Department: Curriculum and Instruction
NYS P-12 Common Core Learning Standards
Gallery IX
Gallery X
Multiple Spring Problems: Hooke's Law and PEs
Ballistic Pendulum Problems: E and p Conservation
Glenn Elert's Physics Hypertextbook
Geometric Optics: Focal Relations
Things You Should Know About Regents Physics
Minute Physics
Crash Course!
Smarter Every Day
Minute Earth
NYS Education Department: OSA [High School Science]
Botany Resources
New York Flora Atlas
English Resources
Ms. Dale's John Dewey High School English Website
Constant Rate, Average Speed and Uniform Linear Accelerated Motion Problems

Math-Aids: Custom Graph Paper and Problem Sets [Education Course Resources] [Free Online Course Resources]
Geological Oddities and Rarities
Gallery XI
Gallery XII
Maximum Radius and Minimum Speed of Inverted Transit of a Roller Coaster Loop

AP Physics 2 Tables of Information and Equations
My AP Physics B Very Important Equation Sheets
Charles Snider's Herkimer Diamond Website
Gallery XIII
Quantum Mechanics I: Photon Momentum and the deBroglie Wavelength

AMNH Trilobite Website
CERN: Introduction to Particle Physics for Teachers
Berkeley National Lab's The ABC's of Nuclear Science
USGS National Geologic Maps Database
The Paleobiology Database
USGS National Geologic Maps Database
John Betts' Minerals of New York City
Gallery XIV
AP Physics: Yau-Jong Twu's TwuPhysics
Gallery XV
Paleontological Research Institution (PRI)
NYS Geological Association Guidebooks Online:
Professor Otto H. Muller's NYSGA to Google Earth
Professor Otto H. Muller's NYS Surficial Maps
NYS DEC's Unique Geologic Features
Gallery XVI [National Mine Database]
Geocollections of Estonia
Entropy and the Laws of Thermodynamics [National Mine Database]
Gallery XVII
Gallery XVIII
Powell's Earth Sciences in the NYC Urban 
Environment (Brooklyn College)
Gallery XIX
Materials Science/Tech Resources
The Beacon: Periodic Table of Technology
Commercial Tutoring and Teaching Resource Websites with Free Content [High School, Advanced Placement and University Courses in Multiple Subjects]
Macrostrat: Global Geologic Map and Stratigraphic Database
Gallery XX
Gallery XXI How Electricity Works:
An Animated Guide to the Science of Electricity How can I tell how much electricity I use each day? Potential and Kinetic Energy Explained [Advanced Placement and University Science, Mathematics, and Economics Courses] Periodic Table Video Tutorial
Famous Physicists
The Science Cube
Vishesh Nigam's The Science Cube Topo Maps, Points of Interests and Places to Visit
Gallery XXII
Physics Exams
Problems and Solutions
Ali Nematy's Physics Exams: Home
Ali Nematy's Physics Exams: Exam Center
Professional Publications
1987: The Mesozoic tectonostratigraphic terranes and accretionary heritage (editors), Terrane Accretion and Orogenic Belts, American Geophysical Union/Geological Society of America Geodynamics Series volume 19, pp. 221-234
1986: Speculations on the Mesozoic plate tectonic evolution of eastern China: in: Huang Jiqing (editor), Proceedings of the Symposium on Mesozoic and Cenozoic Geology in Connection of the 60th Anniversary of the Geological Society of China, Geological Publishing House, Beijing, pp. 309-332
1985: An outline of the plate tectonics of China: Discussion and reply: Discussion: Geological Society of America Bulletin 96(3), 407

1983: Speculations on the Mesozoic plate tectonic evolution of eastern China: Tectonics 2(2), 139-166
1983: Mesozoic Accretionary Events in South-Eastern Asia: EOS Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 64(18) 320
1985: Structural Evolution and Stratigraphic Relationships of the Err, Ela and Silvretta Nappes, Austroalpine Complex, Southeastern Switzerland: Implications for East Alpine Tectonics: in Abstracts: The Evolution of the European Lithosphere, 4th Meeting of European Geological Societies, Edinburgh, pp. 43-45
1990: The Late Precambrian and Phanerozoic Accreted Terranes and Paleogeography of Central and Southeastern Asia: Constraints on Intracontinental Deformation and Extrusion Tectonic Models of the Asian Foreland: EOS Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 71(17) 623
1986: Remnants of a Triassic-Jurassic ocean basin and convergent plate margin processes in central East Asia: the enigmatic Mongol-Okhotsk Foldbelt: EOS Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 67(16) 363